Who took part in the research?
• The people participating in this research were mostly researchers doing inclusive research. We refer to them as participant-researchers because of this dual status.
• An important feature of this research was that the participant-researchers were not giving data but joining in dialogues to construct knowledge. We, Melanie and Hilra, were researcher-participants in this too.
• The people who took part were a mix of people with learning disabilities who lead and conduct their own research, the people supporting or researching alongside them, researchers with and without learning disabilities who work together as co-researchers, academic researchers with experience of gathering data from or with people with learning disabilities and policy-makers and commissioners of research.
• We were delighted that so many groups with experience of inclusive research took part. We want to acknowledge the involvement of the following groups and individuals who contributed to the findings on this website and in the report:


o Carlisle People First,
o Central England People First,
o Change,
o Looking into Abuse research team from Wales
o Heritage Lottery Fund
o Joseph Rowntree Foundation
o My Life My Choice (Oxford)
o National Development Team for Inclusion
o Voice Group at Norah Fry
o Work in Progress team from Cornwall
o Wigan & Leigh People First
o York People First


Andrew Shirfield
Anita Eley
Ann Lewis
Becca Cooper
Bill Gilpin
Carl Bridden
Catherine O’Byrne
Craig Hard
David Bennett
David Burns
Duncan Mitchell
Durbali Roy
Elizabeth Harkness
Emma Stone
Eric Emerson
Gordon Grant
Hazel Lawson
Howard Swift
Ian Buchanan
Jan Walmsley
Jane Seale
John Dias
Joyce Howarth
Julian Goodwin
Julie Davies
Karen Warner
Kelley Johnson
Kerrie Ford
Lisa Pointing
Liz Tilley
Lou Townson
Malcom Eardley
Margaret Flynn
Margaret Szabo
Melanie Chapman
Michael Scott
Nicola Grove
Nigel Taylor
Rohhss Chapman
Ruth Shaw-Williams
Sarah Parsons
Suzy Tucker
Tony Crosby
Tracey Taylor
Val Williams
Vicky Brown
Vicky Mason
Will Longden

and some who did not want to be named.

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